Zion. [US Roadtrip 2022]

“Don’t just hit the big National Parks, also go to the smaller State Parks,” I hear Byron’s voice echoing in my head when we made Zion our stop. I find it fascinating how quickly special places become big tourist magnets. Not just with National Parks.  And yet, although paved roads, oversized RVs, shuttle buses, and … Continue reading Zion. [US Roadtrip 2022]

West Bijou Reflections [US Roadtrip 2022]

The days passed by quickly at West Bijou. Checking on the bison at sunrise became meditation, a morning ritual I will miss. Together with the others, I dove deeper into Holistic Management and learned more than I could have wished for - from the place, the animals, and the people. Byron facilitated our questions and … Continue reading West Bijou Reflections [US Roadtrip 2022]

High Desert. [US Roadtrip 2022]

I walk over to the boulder where the little pointy guy is growing, right at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. I’ve never seen a cactus growing on a rock in the forest, right next to evergreens.  „We’re in the High Desert,“ Jason tells me.  During our hike I stop again and again to investigate … Continue reading High Desert. [US Roadtrip 2022]