Blueberries. [Roadtrip around Norway #5]

We arrive at Innerdalen, a beautiful mountain valley at the end of a one way gravel road. goes further and calls „Innerdalen - Norway's most beautiful mountain valley". We spent last night at least an hour to look for a nice longer but not too strenuous hike. The weather is still fine when we … Continue reading Blueberries. [Roadtrip around Norway #5]

Trails and Sun [Motatapu Track, 07.-08.01.2020]

I’m standing in my red swim shorts outside the food truck and bite into a fried kiwi. We just returned from an overnight hike and the girl from Utah we gave a ride back to Wanaka told us about the nearest laundry-o-mat, conveniently in the back of the central gas station of very sunny Wanaka … Continue reading Trails and Sun [Motatapu Track, 07.-08.01.2020]

48 hours to Toronto [Across Canada – part 8: 15.-17.04.2018]

Sitting in the remote train station in Saskatoon feels like a time dash into the 60s or 70s. Train stations are treated a bit like the undiscovered princess in a Disney movie whose stepmother doesn’t really acknowledge her right to be there. The fans on the ceiling are the only sound next to the cooling … Continue reading 48 hours to Toronto [Across Canada – part 8: 15.-17.04.2018]