San Francisco. A belated dream. I remember, while growing up, my grandma was around almost all the time, taking care of everything, especially after my granddad had passed away too early. She prepared lunch for my dad and my uncle 5 times a week, every week for over 30 years. When we ran up the stairs and passed her … Continue reading San Francisco. A belated dream.

I don’t want to know. [Roundtrip around Norway #7]

„You didn't see them? Oh, we saw them! Three times. They showed up after 00:30 every night.“ Milla shows us a picture on her phone. Green lights in the night sky. We are wrapped in warm, floaty, puffed suits on the little boat, enjoying a bumpy-in-a-good-way ride and a fun conversation with the newly weds … Continue reading I don’t want to know. [Roundtrip around Norway #7]

North. [Roadtrip around Norway #6]

"We are now in the Arctic circle," I write my mum. She sends me an emoji filled text message back. "💖 Congratulations 🌟🎉🎊🎈🔔🎶🐧 Probably you will stay the only ones in the family 😄." We keep heading north, two days of just driving with no fjords but gas station burgers. We stop for the Marmorslottet … Continue reading North. [Roadtrip around Norway #6]

Old water. [Roadtrip around Norway #2]

I yawn, stretch my arms over my head and my back makes a little 'everything gets back into place' sound. I turn around to get my beanie out of the car. It is 7 am and maybe 5 degrees Celsius. It is my time to make coffee in the back of the van. Last year … Continue reading Old water. [Roadtrip around Norway #2]

Do they blink? [Roadtrip around Norway #1]

I am staring at my opponent, focusing on every tiny move he makes and trying not to move myself. He looks straight at me with his perfectly round eyes and the bright orange iris. ‘Don’t blink or you will miss it’, I tell myself. I forget about the sun that was shining a bit too … Continue reading Do they blink? [Roadtrip around Norway #1]