Mrs? Mrs! [Our Nomadic Life 2022 – Doubtfire, Copenhagen (Denmark)]

Part 1 -Before Okay, the cheese is cut. What else? I sit down, open the fridge door, and take jar after jar out. Are these all the supplies that I've got for today’s picnic? Yesterday, I went for some last minute shopping with Dominik to get some good, solid, organic components. The lamb sausages and … Continue reading Mrs? Mrs! [Our Nomadic Life 2022 – Doubtfire, Copenhagen (Denmark)]

Reality Check. [Our Nomadic Life 2022 – Casblanca (Bremen)]

When Bridget suggested staying a month in Bremen to have easy access to groceries, a bigger train station, and an airport, my mind went to the only time I’d been to Bremen. Which was a very boring experience. I was absolutely surprised by how much I liked the city. Moving out of the Airbnb after … Continue reading Reality Check. [Our Nomadic Life 2022 – Casblanca (Bremen)]

Leftovers. [Roadtrip around Norway #8]

Sometimes you get so excited while cooking a delicious meal that you cut too many carrots, cook too much pasta or wash a lot of lettuce. "Well, let's just put them into a container. We will use them with another lunch or supper in the next days." And then these days don't come. I simply … Continue reading Leftovers. [Roadtrip around Norway #8]

I don’t want to know. [Roundtrip around Norway #7]

„You didn't see them? Oh, we saw them! Three times. They showed up after 00:30 every night.“ Milla shows us a picture on her phone. Green lights in the night sky. We are wrapped in warm, floaty, puffed suits on the little boat, enjoying a bumpy-in-a-good-way ride and a fun conversation with the newly weds … Continue reading I don’t want to know. [Roundtrip around Norway #7]

North. [Roadtrip around Norway #6]

"We are now in the Arctic circle," I write my mum. She sends me an emoji filled text message back. "💖 Congratulations 🌟🎉🎊🎈🔔🎶🐧 Probably you will stay the only ones in the family 😄." We keep heading north, two days of just driving with no fjords but gas station burgers. We stop for the Marmorslottet … Continue reading North. [Roadtrip around Norway #6]

Blueberries. [Roadtrip around Norway #5]

We arrive at Innerdalen, a beautiful mountain valley at the end of a one way gravel road. goes further and calls „Innerdalen - Norway's most beautiful mountain valley". We spent last night at least an hour to look for a nice longer but not too strenuous hike. The weather is still fine when we … Continue reading Blueberries. [Roadtrip around Norway #5]

First snow. [Roadtrip around Norway #3]

We reach the top of the first mountain after hiking uphill and scrambling over rocks, gravel and boulders of the first steep ascent. I look across the plane and see something unusual for my ‘it’s still August!’ eyes. Glittering in the sun is a dune of snow. I have to sprint towards it, leaving Bridget … Continue reading First snow. [Roadtrip around Norway #3]

Old water. [Roadtrip around Norway #2]

I yawn, stretch my arms over my head and my back makes a little 'everything gets back into place' sound. I turn around to get my beanie out of the car. It is 7 am and maybe 5 degrees Celsius. It is my time to make coffee in the back of the van. Last year … Continue reading Old water. [Roadtrip around Norway #2]