Oregon‘s misty soul. [US Roadtrip 2022.]

I am running down to the shore, half stumbling to the sand that gives way underneath my feet. „I missed you, I missed you so much,“ I am shouting, half in honesty, half in fun. The Pacific. The largest and deepest of our oceans. My ocean. I always joke that people have a favorite ocean. … Continue reading Oregon‘s misty soul. [US Roadtrip 2022.]

Zion. [US Roadtrip 2022]

“Don’t just hit the big National Parks, also go to the smaller State Parks,” I hear Byron’s voice echoing in my head when we made Zion our stop. I find it fascinating how quickly special places become big tourist magnets. Not just with National Parks.  And yet, although paved roads, oversized RVs, shuttle buses, and … Continue reading Zion. [US Roadtrip 2022]

West Bijou Reflections [US Roadtrip 2022]

The days passed by quickly at West Bijou. Checking on the bison at sunrise became meditation, a morning ritual I will miss. Together with the others, I dove deeper into Holistic Management and learned more than I could have wished for - from the place, the animals, and the people. Byron facilitated our questions and … Continue reading West Bijou Reflections [US Roadtrip 2022]

High Desert. [US Roadtrip 2022]

I walk over to the boulder where the little pointy guy is growing, right at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. I’ve never seen a cactus growing on a rock in the forest, right next to evergreens.  „We’re in the High Desert,“ Jason tells me.  During our hike I stop again and again to investigate … Continue reading High Desert. [US Roadtrip 2022]

Summer Solistice. [Our Nomadic Life 2022 – Encanto, Rönnäng (Sweden)]

Sitting by the water. A cold morning dip.Nothing but the wind.The pier floats softly.Here is where I need to be. At the first good sight of the sea,We naturally slow down our steps.Or is it just me?It’s here, by the water.It has always been here. Is evolution telling us?„Come back to me.Come back to where … Continue reading Summer Solistice. [Our Nomadic Life 2022 – Encanto, Rönnäng (Sweden)]

Reality Check. [Our Nomadic Life 2022 – Casblanca (Bremen)]

When Bridget suggested staying a month in Bremen to have easy access to groceries, a bigger train station, and an airport, my mind went to the only time I’d been to Bremen. Which was a very boring experience. I was absolutely surprised by how much I liked the city. Moving out of the Airbnb after … Continue reading Reality Check. [Our Nomadic Life 2022 – Casblanca (Bremen)]

Day and night in a van [Woolleys Bay, 27.01.2020]

I am still awake. The sun has set for half an hour now and I can hear the waves just over the dunes while I am staring at the ceiling of the van. We are lying with our heads towards the back of the car like we did from day one. We discussed for a … Continue reading Day and night in a van [Woolleys Bay, 27.01.2020]