Kingfisher. [Our nomadic life – Amelie, 07.02.-07.03.2022]

We decided to give names to the different Airbnbs and places we would stay at. To be able to visualize them better. In alphabetic order and connected to a movie. So, our first Airbnb ‘A’ became Amelie pretty quickly. We’ve moved out. There’s no apartment to go back to. This is not a holiday where … Continue reading Kingfisher. [Our nomadic life – Amelie, 07.02.-07.03.2022]

New chapters. [Our Nomadic Life 2022]

In January, Bridget, the cats, and I moved out of the apartment in Berlin. Both of us wrote a few lines about that moment. There was way more tension, stress, and emotion involved than these lines uncover. And instead of starting a long-planned and longed-for one month road trip together which would have been our … Continue reading New chapters. [Our Nomadic Life 2022]

Munich to Venice [Across the Alps via bike]

This is the second time I have crossed the Alps in use of my own human power. The first time I walked and it was an incredible experience, super close to the mountains. You will find the blog about it here. The second time on bicycle was different yet as intense. There are ways to … Continue reading Munich to Venice [Across the Alps via bike]

Leftovers. [Roadtrip around Norway #8]

Sometimes you get so excited while cooking a delicious meal that you cut too many carrots, cook too much pasta or wash a lot of lettuce. "Well, let's just put them into a container. We will use them with another lunch or supper in the next days." And then these days don't come. I simply … Continue reading Leftovers. [Roadtrip around Norway #8]

I don’t want to know. [Roundtrip around Norway #7]

„You didn't see them? Oh, we saw them! Three times. They showed up after 00:30 every night.“ Milla shows us a picture on her phone. Green lights in the night sky. We are wrapped in warm, floaty, puffed suits on the little boat, enjoying a bumpy-in-a-good-way ride and a fun conversation with the newly weds … Continue reading I don’t want to know. [Roundtrip around Norway #7]

North. [Roadtrip around Norway #6]

"We are now in the Arctic circle," I write my mum. She sends me an emoji filled text message back. "💖 Congratulations 🌟🎉🎊🎈🔔🎶🐧 Probably you will stay the only ones in the family 😄." We keep heading north, two days of just driving with no fjords but gas station burgers. We stop for the Marmorslottet … Continue reading North. [Roadtrip around Norway #6]

Parallel World. [Roadtrip around Norway #4]

We scramble down the last stone steps and arrive on a way too trimmed green lawn in front of the forest which just spit us out after a 6 hours hike. We are in Norway for three weeks, traveling around and sleeping in a micro camper van. Today’s hike, the Romsdalseggen, a beautiful ridge hike … Continue reading Parallel World. [Roadtrip around Norway #4]