Parallel World. [Roadtrip around Norway #4]

We scramble down the last stone steps and arrive on a way too trimmed green lawn in front of the forest which just spit us out after a 6 hours hike. We are in Norway for three weeks, traveling around and sleeping in a micro camper van. Today’s hike, the Romsdalseggen, a beautiful ridge hike … Continue reading Parallel World. [Roadtrip around Norway #4]

First snow. [Roadtrip around Norway #3]

We reach the top of the first mountain after hiking uphill and scrambling over rocks, gravel and boulders of the first steep ascent. I look across the plane and see something unusual for my ‘it’s still August!’ eyes. Glittering in the sun is a dune of snow. I have to sprint towards it, leaving Bridget … Continue reading First snow. [Roadtrip around Norway #3]

Old water. [Roadtrip around Norway #2]

I yawn, stretch my arms over my head and my back makes a little 'everything gets back into place' sound. I turn around to get my beanie out of the car. It is 7 am and maybe 5 degrees Celsius. It is my time to make coffee in the back of the van. Last year … Continue reading Old water. [Roadtrip around Norway #2]

Do they blink? [Roadtrip around Norway #1]

I am staring at my opponent, focusing on every tiny move he makes and trying not to move myself. He looks straight at me with his perfectly round eyes and the bright orange iris. ‘Don’t blink or you will miss it’, I tell myself. I forget about the sun that was shining a bit too … Continue reading Do they blink? [Roadtrip around Norway #1]

Day and night in a van [Woolleys Bay, 27.01.2020]

I am still awake. The sun has set for half an hour now and I can hear the waves just over the dunes while I am staring at the ceiling of the van. We are lying with our heads towards the back of the car like we did from day one. We discussed for a … Continue reading Day and night in a van [Woolleys Bay, 27.01.2020]

Dark Caves with life [North Island, Waipu, 23.01.2020]

We stand in front of the entrance to the caves and click our little lights for a last time. On, off. “You know, with all the German campers around us this morning this feels like an episode of Dark and we should not go into these caves.” I haven’t watched Dark, so I don’t get … Continue reading Dark Caves with life [North Island, Waipu, 23.01.2020]

Trails and Sun [Motatapu Track, 07.-08.01.2020]

I’m standing in my red swim shorts outside the food truck and bite into a fried kiwi. We just returned from an overnight hike and the girl from Utah we gave a ride back to Wanaka told us about the nearest laundry-o-mat, conveniently in the back of the central gas station of very sunny Wanaka … Continue reading Trails and Sun [Motatapu Track, 07.-08.01.2020]

When the days were slow [North Island, 22.01.-28.01.2020]

We sit in a coffee shop. I have just read the introduction of David Sedaris‘ „Theft by Finding“. A fly crawls up and down my forearm. My flat white with oat milk rests on the table in front. The barista has a painted picture of himself as an icon with a latte art halo behind … Continue reading When the days were slow [North Island, 22.01.-28.01.2020]