Interbeing. [Our nomadic life – Batman, 07.03.-07.04.2022.]

I thought long what our stay in the second Airbnb “Batman” should be about. Today on a slow Sunday, watching people by the river and after an energizing day on a farm, I read Charles Eisenstein's Story of Interbeing. I guess that’s what Batman was all about. Feeling the connection between us and the place. … Continue reading Interbeing. [Our nomadic life – Batman, 07.03.-07.04.2022.]

Kingfisher. [Our nomadic life – Amelie, 07.02.-07.03.2022]

We decided to give names to the different Airbnbs and places we would stay at. To be able to visualize them better. In alphabetic order and connected to a movie. So, our first Airbnb ‘A’ became Amelie pretty quickly. We’ve moved out. There’s no apartment to go back to. This is not a holiday where … Continue reading Kingfisher. [Our nomadic life – Amelie, 07.02.-07.03.2022]

New chapters. [Our Nomadic Life 2022]

In January, Bridget, the cats, and I moved out of the apartment in Berlin. Both of us wrote a few lines about that moment. There was way more tension, stress, and emotion involved than these lines uncover. And instead of starting a long-planned and longed-for one month road trip together which would have been our … Continue reading New chapters. [Our Nomadic Life 2022]

San Francisco. A belated dream. I remember, while growing up, my grandma was around almost all the time, taking care of everything, especially after my granddad had passed away too early. She prepared lunch for my dad and my uncle 5 times a week, every week for over 30 years. When we ran up the stairs and passed her … Continue reading San Francisco. A belated dream.