High Desert. [US Roadtrip 2022]

I walk over to the boulder where the little pointy guy is growing, right at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

I’ve never seen a cactus growing on a rock in the forest, right next to evergreens. 

„We’re in the High Desert,“ Jason tells me. 

During our hike I stop again and again to investigate and observe the familiar meeting the unfamiliar in the environment around me. 

Seeing with new eyes. 

Something that feels easier when we are away from our known grounds. 

How can we evoke the same curiosity and excitement for the place where we decide to live? For the neighborhood, the people, the ecosystem?

One topic that has been following me around for a bit. Creating excitement for building community. 

I can’t wait for more of these moments over the next weeks while exploring in the US

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