Kingfisher. [Our nomadic life – Amelie, 07.02.-07.03.2022]

We decided to give names to the different Airbnbs and places we would stay at. To be able to visualize them better. In alphabetic order and connected to a movie. So, our first Airbnb ‘A’ became Amelie pretty quickly. We’ve moved out. There’s no apartment to go back to. This is not a holiday where … Continue reading Kingfisher. [Our nomadic life – Amelie, 07.02.-07.03.2022]

New chapters. [Our Nomadic Life 2022]

In January, Bridget, the cats, and I moved out of the apartment in Berlin. Both of us wrote a few lines about that moment. There was way more tension, stress, and emotion involved than these lines uncover. And instead of starting a long-planned and longed-for one month road trip together which would have been our … Continue reading New chapters. [Our Nomadic Life 2022]