Things that matter [Edoras, 05.01.2020]

„I’m quoting The Lord of the Rings all day today.“ Bridget looks at me absolutely serious. We are on our way to Mount Sunday, a rather unknown hill on the south island. If you tell someone, that name definitely rings no bells. It would probably not even have a name if it didn’t play an … Continue reading Things that matter [Edoras, 05.01.2020]

First hike, hard hike [Avalanche Peak, 03.-05.01.2020]

„Why did we pick this as our first hike?“ Bridget asks, catching her breath after a long uphill section. I frown while trying to slow my heartbeat. „Because it was the first on our route?“ We are somewhere in the middle of the 1.100 meters in altitude we have to tackle today - uphill and … Continue reading First hike, hard hike [Avalanche Peak, 03.-05.01.2020]