The journey starts… bye Europe. 

Exactly one month ago I had my last day at work. Two trips, my favourite beer and many friendly faces later it’s time to say good bye to good old Europe and start the one way ticket adventure. 

Although packing my backpack got me on the edge of freaking out or just giving up, I somehow managed to stay on track. This is the route so far:

  • Singapore – September 8th to 12th
  • Sydney – September 13th to 20th
  • New Zealand – September 20th to December 10th
  • Fiji, Samoa – December
  • Hawaii – January 
  • California – February to March
  • tbd 

Changes may occur everytime I like a place more than I planned to or if there happen to be invitations. 

When I told a smart backpacker a couple of weeks ago I was very happy that we met because her travel plans were supposed to be different  she just replied, “It might have to do with the fact that if anyone invites me anywhere I am  there faster than a virus looking for a weak victim.”

Well, this could happen to me as well. 

We will see, won’t we?

6 thoughts on “The journey starts… bye Europe. 

  1. Happy trails to you, Leon. I hope all your adventures will result in further wisdom and grand memories. If you want to try out Florida you have a place to stay with me.


  2. What an exciting adventure you are embarking on! With your current schedule, it won’t be unheard of for you to see us late spring, early summer! We have another part of the park that we’d like to show you!!!


  3. Reisen – es lässt Dich sprachlos, dann verwandelt es Dich in einen Geschichtenerzähler. – Ibn Battuta

    Danke, dass Du Deine Geschichten mit uns teilst! Ich bin gespannt! 🙃

    Bon voyage!


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