hi. i’m leon.

I try to capture moments in life. Sometimes it is just about a night in a van or a really good coffee. And sometimes it is a 10-day hike that brought me back slightly changed.

Life gives us stories every single day.

This is my personal journey from being an in-house consultant with 12-hours-days to being a part-time traveler who wants to find out what’s important in life. My more work-related thoughts you can find here.

Along the way, I’m looking for (human) beings, their inspiration, and their creativity.

Being good. And doing good.

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Interbeing. [Our nomadic life – Batman, 07.03.-07.04.2022.]

I thought long what our stay in the second Airbnb “Batman” should be about. Today on a slow Sunday, watching people by the river and after an energizing day on a farm, I read Charles Eisenstein’s Story of Interbeing. I guess that’s what Batman was all about. Feeling the connection between us and the place. … Continue reading Interbeing. [Our nomadic life – Batman, 07.03.-07.04.2022.]

Kingfisher. [Our nomadic life – Amelie, 07.02.-07.03.2022]

We decided to give names to the different Airbnbs and places we would stay at. To be able to visualize them better. In alphabetic order and connected to a movie. So, our first Airbnb ‘A’ became Amelie pretty quickly. We’ve moved out. There’s no apartment to go back to. This is not a holiday where … Continue reading Kingfisher. [Our nomadic life – Amelie, 07.02.-07.03.2022]

Feeling whole.

Almost exactly 3 years ago I arrived in Berlin after almost 9 months of traveling. Being loaded with new experiences about places, people, and myself. I came back not because I felt ready or done with traveling. I originally thought I wouldn’t come back to Germany for a while. I felt overloaded and still searching … Continue reading Feeling whole.

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