hi. i’m leon.

This is my personal journey from being an inhouse consultant with 12-hours-days to being a part-time traveller who wants to find out what’s important in life.

I try to capture moments in life. Sometimes it is just about a night in a van or a really good coffee. And sometimes it is a 10 day hike that brought me back slightly changed.

Life gives us stories every single day.

Along the way I’m looking for (human) beings, their inspiration and creativity.

Being good. And doing good.

about me.

I freelance in writing learning concepts, supporting product owners and (remote) teams as an Agile Coach, design and facilitate workshops and trainings – like Design Thinking workshops, Design Sprints. I volunteer in a sustainability and Circular Economy driven NGO called Circular Berlin. (If you want to know more go to http://bucherconcepts.com)

I love design, photos, writing stories and always look for

  • new ideas and thinking (I am a sponge),
  • farming and market gardening connections (from land to city -> I love good food),
  • crafting and making things (-> I learn to make mistakes),
  • music (my first love), minimalism (-> I still own too much) and
  • hiking, outdoors and the ocean (-> home).

If you like to chat drop me a line.